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Boudie Call

What is a Boudie Call?


A Boudie Call is just like a regular boudoir session, however, the session fee is waived (normally $395) in exchange for a signed model release that allows us to use your images on our platforms.

With boudoir photography being such an intimate style in posing and wardrobe most of our clients wish to keep their photos private. I totally respect this decision! This is why from time to time I host these BoudieCalls to keep my portfolio updated with work I can show publicly.

Of course, the level of nudity is up to you!

Model Call

Model Requirements
What you need to know

This project is a photoshoot experience culminating in a celebration of women and their stories

Model Call

There is no wrong time to love yourself!

I need to lose some weight first

You are perfect just the way you are NOW! If I had a dollar for everyone who said they needed to lose weight and then regretted not doing their session sooner, I could retire (but I wouldn’t because I love this job)! The truth is, if you feel like you have a few too many pounds on at the moment, this is the perfect way to transform your view of yourself and gain the body acceptance to love yourself no matter what. Then you won’t feel like you even need to shed the extra kilos, because you know what – “bitch, I look hot!”

I don’t have anyone special to give these photos to

YOU are special! You don’t need to do this for anyone other than yourself, you are reason enough to do this empowering photo session and have the photos printed in a beautiful luxury album – for YOU! Think of it as a gift for past you, present you and future you; past you will go “damn, why didn’t I do this sooner!”, present you will go “damn, I feel like a total goddess!”, and future you will go “damn, I’m so glad I did that!”

I don’t have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot

Let me tell you a secret, no one comes with confidence. Confidence is a reward. You show up nervous, but within minutes you will start realising It’s about the whole experience and not just the end product. Your confidence will emerge little by little during your shoot, more hits you when you see your beautiful gallery, then your confidence blooms full force when you are holding your album!

Boudie Call

Feel like a Model for one day...

This sounds amazing! How do I apply?

Fill in the form to apply for the boudie call! Please make sure you have read all the information above and that you are okay with the terms of the deal before you apply!


It's time for you to shine. Come as you are!

Fill out and submit the form below to apply for the Model call!

Once you have completed and submitted your application it will be assessed by our team. You will be contacted if you are a successful applicant

If selected, you will receive an email that you will need to reply to in order to claim your spot. If it is not claimed within 24 hours, other applicants will be chosen. Once claimed, you will receive an invoice to pay your retainer/makeup fee. Once you’re booked in, we will set a date and time for your session! 


Thank you and good luck!

Alessio Petti

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