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A letter from her Hearth

Mrs K's Letter to Le Chat Noir Boudoir

             “After my photo shoot with Alessio I  healed parts of my life that I never thought would heal. I was close to cancelling  because of the mess that  I was in ie: period, gained weight, stressed and disconnected. I’m so glad I didn’t because it  helped me heal the pain of the rejection that I have experienced from my family and my father to be precise. This side of me that is creative, adventurous, curious and outside of the stereotypical “good girl” conditioning  that keeps within the rules of the tribe to satisfy the status quo. This side of me has never been accepted in my tribe, and it scared me , even more so when I decided to leave the tribe and got heavily criticised as well as ostracised and made wrong for wanting to be more and yesterday I realised how much it has scarred me and to what degree. I have experienced criticism and rejection and when I started to spread my wings as a woman I got ostracised because I was too different and so I left the tribe and found my own through my coaching community. During my photoshoot I released shame of repressed sexuality and sensuality and this process yesterday helped me heal and reclaim this lost part of me. Alessio saw me and photographed me in what I felt was a mess yesterday and following on from this all of the above has come up and I have softened and feel that a deeper self-acceptance and self-compassion  has surfaced. He made me feel safe yesterday and did not judge me, he treated me with respect for where I am at and dignity and this impacted me deeply and I feel transformed after this.”

Mrs K

Le Chat Noir Boudoir Review



“During my photoshoot, I released the shame of repressed sexuality and sensuality, and this process yesterday helped me heal and reclaim this lost part of me.”

Mrs. K

Mrs K.


What do other women say about their Boudoir Sessions?

With my love for boudoir, I could go on for hours about why every woman should book a session. The best part is you don’t have to just take my word for it. Check out some of these amazing testimonials and live videos from clients who’ve had the experience!

I was a bit nervous to begin with but Alessio guided me through the whole process with professionalism, warmth and care and we captured some absolutely stunning photos which a can't wait to have! The make-up artist did an amazing job and the whole day was really relaxed with a lot of laughs in a beautiful setting! Thank you team Le Chat Noir.

Mrs K. "I had a photo shoot with Alessio yesterday and what a beautiful and professional experience it was"

Boudoir style photography was something I've always wanted to do and I finally acted upon that wish and booked in a session. It started with a phone call to Alessio who was just so friendly, guinuine and answered all my questions. Next came all the informative and helpful guides leading up to the big day. I felt prepared on the day and the photoshoot itself was so much fun! Alessio was professional but friendly and made me feel completely comfortable. I recently picked up my album and was blown away by the quality and the photographs themselves. I couldn't be happier with the result!

Meg Rao "A Photoshoot with Alessio is just an amazing experience!"

Alessio was a complete professional the entire time in the warmest, kindest and most respectful way possible. We had fun, we laughed a lot and I felt relaxed and happy as a result. I felt beautiful during the shoot and the photos were absolutely stunning. I love them and I am so proud of them. I could not recommend this experience more, it was so good and I can't wait to do it again!

Stefanie Carne "Being photographed by Alessio from Le Chat Noir Boudoir was one of the best experiences in my life!"



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    A letter from her Hearth

    A letter from her Hearth Mrs K’s Letter to Le Chat Noir Boudoir     …