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Women Choose Boudoir To Boost Confidence

Boudoir helps women feel empowered and can boost confidence in their own bodies. The days are long gone when women used to suppress their desires and take a seat to what society expected of them. Goodbye 1950 and hello 20th century! Boudoir offers an opportunity to express yourself in a way that is exhilarating and exciting, and thus, many women are boldly signing up for boudoir photoshoots.

You don’t need a partner to do a boudoir session. It’s for you to enjoy and, through the shoot, find yourself, accept your flaws, and love yourself despite everything happening in your life. Women are doing boudoir shoots after getting divorced, for a birthday, a milestone event in their life, or honestly just because they want to document this very instant in their current life. 

Let’s look at the 10 reasons why women choose boudoir for themselves.

1. Feel empowered

The first and foremost reason why women choose boudoir sessions is to feel empowered. Society is deeply patriarchal. It is always trying to subdue women’s innate desires and wishes to express themselves loud and proud. Boudoir sessions offer an opportunity to unleash all those wishes and truly feel empowered.  You can stop caring about what the world thinks and instead focus on how beautiful you are. Give yourself the chance to experience a boudoir session and see how it boosts confidence. 

2. Enhance body positivity

Advertisements, models on the runways, commercial films, books, and all the other forms of popular media are obsessed with a particular body type. This has a frightening blow to the morale of women whose bodies do not fit into those societal expectations. Boudoir sessions are meant to boost body positivity.  It lets you dress in your most sensual lingerie and pose seductively for the camera in a beautiful location, but don’t worry we will show you how to pose! As a result, you realize how your body is just as beautiful as anybody else’s. These sessions will make you fall in love with your body, and that is the first step to your journey of self-love!. 

3. Feel comfortable in your skin

We know, women always strive to be like another person who probably has all that the world puts forth as desirable. However, we fail to understand that there can be no universal standard of beauty, success, love, or anything else. Boudoir sessions are a great way to encourage you to feel comfortable in your skin and help you feel empowered. 

4. Boost confidence

Direct and indirect criticism, by close family/friends and/or distant people, can steal away all our confidence. Living a fulfilling life without much confidence is not possible. You will always find yourself lacking something and not reaching your fullest potential. Boudoir sessions are one way to boost confidence. As you reveal your most vulnerable self in front of the camera, you will realize the power and force within your heart and soul. Thus, the beautiful photographs that are captured help to further boost confidence.

5. Be the best version of yourself

If not for anyone else, you must always try to achieve and be the best version of yourself. That is the whole point of living life to the fullest. When you are the best version of yourself, only then can you help people around you achieve the same. Boudoir sessions can be an intense experience that brings you face-to-face with your flaws. After that, you will 100% want to accept those flaws and you will feel empowered. Who doesn’t want to feel great about themselves? Doing a boudoir shoot will truly help you get closer to a version of yourself that you are proud of and respect.

6. Change your mindset about your perceived flaws

Sometimes we internalize certain discriminatory and condescending values that our society puts on us, that requires rethinking. Our mindset often gets fixated on things like only a specific body type is beautiful. What boudoir sessions do is change your mindset about your perceived flaws. These sessions will help you redefine the very definition of flaw and accept those perceived flaws because 99.9% of the time they are only imagined and you are beautiful just the way you are.

7. See yourself under a different light

When you have a changed mindset and see that all your features are incredibly sexy and desirable, you can see yourself in a new light. Boudoir sessions can be very cathartic in this way. It can make you feel empowered like nothing else. Seeing yourself in a new light will boost confidence, and you will look at life with a much more positive outlook.

8. Feel attractive and desirable like never before

Boudoir photography sessions are like a fashion shoot except with lingerie. You get to be a model for the day! As your personal photographer I will share what you should bring from your closet and will instruct you on how to pose so you have nothing to worry about. You will feel sexy and sensual during your photoshoot.

9. Feel beautiful and look gorgeous

You will not just look gorgeous in your lingerie and make-up but you will also feel really beautiful. Feeling beautiful also makes you feel empowered and free. I will show you how to pose seductively and by the time your shoot starts you will let down all inhibitions. Boudoir sessions can sometimes turn into an addiction and a good one. It makes women feel so great that they always want to shoot more.

10. Document your beauty

Lastly, these sessions document important moments in time that you would like to remember all your life. Women book boudoir sessions to celebrate various occasions and milestones. It can be for a groom’s gift, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, an after-divorce celebration as you break away from a toxic relationship, sadly those happen too. Boudoir can be for any occasion. The best boudoir sessions are when the client does it just for herself. Why not! You deserve it!

Summing Up

As much as I write about the importance of boudoir sessions, you will only be able to comprehend its uplifting value when you experience it yourself. The entire session feels like a dream. A day of pampering, wearing some lovely lingerie, having your hair and make-up professionally styled, and discovering sides of yourself you had no idea existed— it is all worth the effort and money. Try it for yourself, and you will know!

10 reasons why women choose boudoir

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With my love for boudoir, I could go on for hours about why every woman should book a session. The best part is you don’t have to just take my word for it. Check out some of these amazing testimonials and live videos from clients who’ve had the experience!

Boudoir style photography was something I've always wanted to do and I finally acted upon that wish and booked in a session. It started with a phone call to Alessio who was just so friendly, guinuine and answered all my questions. Next came all the informative and helpful guides leading up to the big day. I felt prepared on the day and the photoshoot itself was so much fun! Alessio was professional but friendly and made me feel completely comfortable. I recently picked up my album and was blown away by the quality and the photographs themselves. I couldn't be happier with the result!

Meg Rao "A Photoshoot with Alessio is just an amazing experience!"

Alessio was a complete professional the entire time in the warmest, kindest and most respectful way possible. We had fun, we laughed a lot and I felt relaxed and happy as a result. I felt beautiful during the shoot and the photos were absolutely stunning. I love them and I am so proud of them. I could not recommend this experience more, it was so good and I can't wait to do it again!

Stefanie Carne "Being photographed by Alessio from Le Chat Noir Boudoir was one of the best experiences in my life!"

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Remember that — part of this experience is to get your confidence back. So, read this: Boudoir Photoshoot: How To Get Ready!

Remember that — part of this experience is to get your confidence back. So, read this: Boudoir Photoshoot: How To Get Ready!

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