Boudoir shoot when You’re menstruating

How to get ready? How to get ready… …FOR YOUR BOUDOIR SHOOT WHEN YOU’RE MENSTRUATING ou’ve booked your boudoir session, you’ve picked out your looks, you’re feeling like the best version of yourself. But the day before your session you wake up with your period. Queue the panic of what to do. Trust me, you’re […]

3 Tips for your Bridal Boudoir Session

3 Tips for planning your Bridal Boudoir Session Bridal boudoir has become such a staple of my boudoir repertoire. I found that providing this service for brides  is a welcome chance to design a folio that is just as much for the little Mrs. as it is for the Groom. Read on as we showcase […]

Interview with a Couple

Interview with a Couple The only person who can empower you to love yourself, is YOU. So you’ve decided to do a boudoir session, but aren’t sure how to approach it with your partner? Worried they might not think it’s the best idea? Not sure how to explain to them the importance of this for […]

Nadia’s Testimonials

Nadia’s Testimonial I couldn’t have asked for a better experience… How old were you at the time of your session? 30  What made you decide to book a session with us? I have never done any kind of photoshoots and as I’m getting older thought it would be something I can do for myself while […]

5 Body Types

5 Body Types & Lingerie 5 Body Tipes and the lingerie to suite By no means do we ever want to put a label on any woman. It is something we have been told for so long if you aren’t built like a coke bottle, you’re not good enough.This blog isn’t about seeing yourself as […]

A letter from her Hearth

A letter from her Hearth Mrs K’s Letter to Le Chat Noir Boudoir              “After my photo shoot with Alessio I  healed parts of my life that I never thought would heal. I was close to cancelling  because of the mess that  I was in ie: period, gained weight, stressed […]

Why Boudoir?

Why Boudoir? Why Boudoir? TO FIND CONFIDENCE! I decided to do a boudoir shoot to find confidence in myself again. I chose Gloss over all of the other options because I read the online reviews and they were all so positive and comforting! Before the session I was feeling nervous and unsure if I packed […]

Nathalie’s Testimonials

Nathalie’s Testimonial I was labelled a “sl*t” from my own family… I grew up in a very repressive household. As a teenager and young adult I was taught to suppress my sexuality, which over time caused me to feel deep shame and disgust towards my desires and my body. This shame and self loathing greatly […]


Grow your self-confidence DAILY RITUALS to grow your self-confidence One of the biggest blocks I have to work through with potential clients is “I’m just not confident enough.”  And with thoughts like that blocking your path – of course you’re not going to feel confident enough. You’re already psyching yourself out for anything you want […]

What is a Boudoir Shoot?

What is a Boudoir Shoot? Boudoir is a French word that translates to a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. So, does a Boudoir Photoshoot mean bedroom photoshoot? Not by a long shot. Let’s talk about it. At Corey Brandon Boudoir, I define boudoir as an empowering experience that allows women to find confidence, beauty, […]