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Using over 10 premium vegan leathers and textiles

I work with each client to design the ultimate couture album – a most original gift of love for themselves.

Seeing yourself in Prints — it’s a feeling like no other, typically marked by tears of joy.

Since every client has different needs, there is never a singular approach to your experience. Bespoke is our way…and it’s your signature of love like no other.

Alessio Petti

Le Chat Noir Boudoir




Fall in love with my Heirlooms Collections


Taking that childhood memory and turning it into a sexy fantasy!


Showcase Your Beauty In Your Home


You Deserve A Gift

Boudoir is not about being perfect (who is anyway?).

Boudoir is not even really about being “sexy.” Boudoir is about self-love. Yes, yes, you will probably end up in your underwear looking hot AF, but the true value comes from showing up for yourself, saying I’m enough, right here, right now.

But I’m not there yet…

As Andy Warhol once said, “All is beautiful.” The fixes and upgrades you think you need to make beforehand are not necessary. I promise. The best thing you can do to “get there” is quiet your inner critic and just leap. That might sound insane, or scary, or just too much. But I’m here for you. I’m on your side, pulling for you. Even if you’re nervous coming in, that’s ok! In fact, I welcome nerves. Those butterflies mean you’re outside of your comfort zone, and that is where growth and self-discovery really flourish.


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Why would you choose me?

I am very connected to my clients, and of course, I am ready to listen to your personal life story.

Send me a message describing what type of product you are after.

I will be happy to give you a customized offer.

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